There will always be months in a writer’s life when things don’t go as scheduled. I need to explain why this past four weeks hasn’t produced the final version of #4 in the Freeman Files Series – ‘Deadly Formula.’

I can honestly say writer’s block has never been an issue in the past seven years, and my output of a mere two thousand words a day when I’ve been writing suggests that things have merely slowed, not stopped. How many reasons can I put forward?

Well, the named storms that have hit the UK weekend after weekend have contributed. Ciara, Dennis and Jorge have hurt my progress. My wife and I helped our neighbours rebuild several sections of fencing between our properties. The floods never reached our doors, but six miles away things were very different.

We also attended birthday celebrations for two grandsons. I find it takes longer to recover from those than my own birthday – I don’t know about you?

There’s always a honeymoon period after a Bookbub Featured Deal and I knew it could tail off by March, but the good vibes I felt about the early promotions for ‘Fatal Decision’ encouraged me to extend the Freeman Files Series from six to ten titles.

I researched the stories for ‘Creature Discomforts’, ‘Silent Terror’, ‘Night Train’, and ‘All Things Bright’ and secured covers for them to ensure I was committed to produce the goods.

My target now is to publish ‘Deadly Formula’ by the end of March. Books #5 to #10 will follow in a more sedate procession – perhaps every 10 to 12 weeks.

Breaking news: – I didn’t expect another Featured Deal until the summer at least. There was a nine-month gap between the two Deals I secured in 2019. I received confirmation this morning that ‘Fatal Decision’ will be featured on FRIDAY 3RD APRIL in a worldwide Deal. It’s been placed in the Crime Fiction category, which gives it a wider spread than the Phoenix books.

It’s another potential giant step forward and I’m glad that I took those days out to consider more books in the series. Of course, it loads the pressure on me to get #4 finished. I’m 30% into the story now and the incentive to crack on is huge. 

I’ll be back with another update in April.

Take care and best wishes. 

Ted Tayler

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