Gus Freeman and his Crime Review Team have successfully manoeuvred their way through two cold cases given them by ACC Kenneth Truelove.

In their most recent case, DS Neil Davis’s father, Terry, came under the microscope. Was the former detective responsible for sending an innocent man to prison? Or did he follow orders from a superior officer?

DS Alex Hardy continues his recovery from his motorcycle accident and awaits news on whether he can take a more active role in the job he loves.

Lydia Logan Barre grows closer to Alex and reveals the secret behind her reasons for abandoning her theatrical ambitions and joining the police.

With a wide array of characters on both sides of the law, ‘Pressure Point’ offers plenty of action, romance, humour and drama.

Laura Mallinder left home for work on Sunday, 12th June 2011. She walked to ‘Gentle Touch’, a massage parlour in Broadgreen, Swindon. Her boss, Maggie Monk discovered her body later that evening. Laura, twenty-seven years old, sustained fatal stab wounds to her back.

“It sounds like they’ve landed us with a locked room mystery to solve, guv,” said Neil Davis.

 “Nobody said all these cold cases would be easy, Neil,” said Gus Freeman.

       “The multiple dimensions to the characters give these books a genuine slant. The relationships between the characters are worked smoothly into the plots.”

The increased exposure from that Christmas #1 meant that 2020 started with a bang. New faces, high Sales, and as many Pages Read (KENP) as for the whole of 2019.

 The Freeman Files Series continues to pick up the pace. The first two books are performing well. I made Paperback versions available this week.

Book #3 ‘Pressure Point’ will be published in Kindle/Paperback on Friday 14th February.

I’m always looking for reviews for the brand-new series. If you missed out in the past and wished to grab a FREE copy in return for an honest review reply to this newsletter and I’ll forward a copy straightaway. That goes for either of the three Gus Freeman books; the more the merrier.

Book #4 ‘Deadly Formula’ is maybe two weeks behind schedule. I hope to get it published in mid-March as planned, but I decided that improving the quality of what I already have out there was more important.

 I’ll be back with another blog post in early March.

Take care and best wishes. 

Ted Tayler


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