‘Silent Terror’ #8 in the Freeman Files is available NOW on Amazon. If anyone wants a free copy in return for an honest review, then let me know.

 A brutal murder occurred at a remote bungalow in January 2013. Gus Freeman reviews the murder of Ursula Wakeley, a seventy-eight-year-old spinster. Why did the former librarian become a victim? Was it a robbery, or something more sinister? Alex Hardy returns to the fold and new girl Blessing Umeh joins the Crime Review Team.

 ‘Night Train’ #9 in the series is underway and due to arrive in time for Christmas.

 With a following wind, ‘All Things Bright’ #10 will make it onto Amazon before the New Year. Until recently, that would have been that, but the series is selling so well that I’m aiming for six more titles in 2021. 

 At my age I can’t look too far ahead, but I won’t rule out extending the series into 2022. Gus Freeman is a great character to write about, and with a strong supporting cast both at work and at home there’s potential for a lot more adventures yet.



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I’ll be back with an update in November. Take care, stay safe and best wishes. 

Ted Tayler


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