Most writers probably feel the same way about the lockdown situation we’re currently suffering. The degree to which this pandemic is affecting you will vary, but it hasn’t really changed the way a writer operates day to day.

For the past seven years I’ve intermittently shut myself in isolation for five or six hours a day – only emerging for food and an encouraging hug from my wife.

All we can do is hope and pray we come out on the other side of this sooner rather than later.

I learned how to video call my grandsons the other day. They wanted to SEE that we were still OK, despite reassurances from son and daughter-in-law that we were fine.

I wish I was more technically proficient. Maybe, I could use some wizard app that allowed me to chat with each one of you – to check for myself that you were OK.

So, what’s been happening since my last Newsletter?

Book #4 ‘Deadly Formula’ in the Freeman Files Series was published last week. Some of you may already have it. If you want to read and review it then just let me know and I’ll gladly forward a .mobi copy.

I started writing #5 ‘Final Deal’ straight away. The sooner I can add to the list the better. Day One of the BookBub Featured Deal exceeded all expectations yesterday. There were 20% more copies downloaded than forecast, and Day Two is only just underway.

I guess with so many people forced to stay home there’s going to be a surge in demand for free books. It’s an ill wind, as they say. I don’t want to take advantage of that without giving something in return.

Every little helps, and helping one another is a surefire way to get through this.

I’ll be back with an update in May. Take care, stay safe and best wishes. 

Ted Tayler

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