Into The Sunlight

Front Cover: Into The Sunlight



INTO THE SUNLIGHT #16 in The Freeman Files Series is LIVE on Amazon.





NEW PRICE – Front Cover: TOPBook #1 in The Phoenix Series ‘The Olympus Project’ now has a Regular price of $0.99 in the US. (Similar reductions apply across the other stores.) A reduction has also been applied to Box Set #1 in The Phoenix Series – now at $3.99 in the US.





Something different this month with the festive season almost upon us –

Q. Why does Santa come down the chimney?

A. Because it soot’s him!

When you’ve finished groaning… What image did that conjure up? I’ll bet it’s different for each of us, wherever we are in the world, and however we celebrate the occasion. Memories of our childhood will paint your own unique picture.

People often comment on the light brush I apply for descriptions of people and places in my books. I’ve commented in several blogs and book reviews that I hate over-elaborate descriptive passages which rob me of the opportunity to use my imagination. I prefer to paint my own pictures. 

If you are a Freeman Files reader, take a blank piece of paper over the holiday period and draw a schematic layout of Gus Freeman’s bungalow. I’ve made frequent references to the hallway and five rooms that lay beyond it without weighing you down with details. Hold onto your layout and I’ll provide my answer in the January Newsletter. 

What’s next? Despite Omicron, we hope to spend Christmas Day with our son and his family – an occasion postponed from last year. Early in the New Year, Box Set #1 of The Freeman Files gets another boost via a Book Bub Featured Deal. Writing on #17 ‘Tame The Storm’ the first of four titles scheduled in the Freeman Files Series for 2022 will begin.

I’ll be back with the latest news in the second week of January.

Take care Stay safe Keep reading

Best wishes

Ted Tayler