An Improving Picture

Front Cover: Into The Sunlight‘A Normal November’ #15 in the Freeman Files Series went live as planned by the end of August.

I’ve written 10% of ‘Into The Sunlight’ and hope to complete it before the end of October.

I need to get my skates on because October is a busy time in the Tayler household.

My birthday and our Golden Wedding are the cause for celebrations.

Thankfully, they are at either end of the month to aid recovery!

Our happy band of Phoenix members is scattered around the globe and have experienced differing climatic conditions during August. My heart goes out to those living with wildfires on the horizon or unseasonable winds and flash floods. Here in the UK, we had very little sunshine. Conditions were cool and cloudy from start to finish. It wasn’t what those who decided on a Staycation for 2021 had in mind.

After completing ‘ A Normal November ‘, the website overhaul occupied what was meant to be my leisure time, and my current To-Do List has an item I could do without. Except it could be argued I can’t do without it. Let me explain.

Amazon’s A+ Content has been available for a while, and traditionally published authors have the resources to flood their clients’ Product Pages with attractive, eye-catching designs. These appear down the Page under ‘From The Publisher’. (In the old days, this was where you might see gushing reviews from major publications or famous authors.)

Many best-selling authors haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. Perhaps because they don’t need gimmicks to sell their books. I need to scrap for every new reader, and as there’s nobody else on an indie writer’s staff to carry out the work – it’s down to me. So far, I’ve submitted A+ Content for approval on just ‘Fatal Decision’ #1 in the Freeman Files Series. If my proposed format is approved, the other forty titles I have on Amazon will need updating. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of work!

Amazon KDP reckons it could take seven days to decide, so it may be ‘live’ when you receive this newsletter. If so, please let me know if it would help you choose to take a chance – if you were discovering my books for the first time.

Design wasn’t on the curriculum when I was at school, and it’s another skill I’ve had to learn as an indie author. If I’d realised writing occupied a mere 10% of the time required to be an author, I might have stuck to playing lawn bowls in the summer and snooker in the winter.

It’s a long, hard road being an indie writer, but people like you make it worth the effort.

We extend a warm welcome to another 18 new members this month. We hope you have fun.

I’ll be back with an update in the second week of October.

Take care. Keep reading.

Best wishes

Ted Tayler