I’ve often marveled at authors whose profile highlights the fact they’re #1 Best Selling Authors. When I’ve dug deeper some have achieved that across the board on several occasions, but many have probably only hit that prized #1 spot in a single category. Yesterday I ran a Freebooksy promotion on The Olympus Project. The return was as good as could be expected with a thousand plus copies downloaded.

All the work I did last autumn is starting to bear fruit. The great new covers by The Cover Collection are a significant factor. The refreshed blurbs have an input, plus the increase in keywords on KDP that open fresh categories where my books can feature.

Yesterday evening for the first time in the six and a half years I’ve been writing fiction I hit the #1 spot. I took a screenshot for posterity. It might be my only highlight. (OK, I took the screenshot to be able to back up my revised profile details that might casually mention I’m a #1 Best Selling Author) If anyone doubts the veracity of that claim, you can tell them you’ve seen the evidence. If you love thrillers with assassinations, conspiracies and terrorism I’m your man. 






Another Olympus Project promotion follows two weeks from yesterday. Who knows what the future will bring? Further collaborations inspired by my Instagram posts? More bumps in the road from problems yet to reveal themselves? Whatever it is will be eventful I’m sure.

February definitely felt like a ‘turning the corner’ kind of month. 

I experienced a warm glow with that first #1 ranking on Amazon at the start of the month. The follow up promotion two weeks later wasn’t brilliant but the unseasonably warm weather here in the UK meant it didn’t leave me with any chilly after effects. In fact, it was hard to stop wandering around with a cheesy grin on my face. Actual sales were 100% up on January and my website sign-up form had its links re-connected to Mailchimp. I hadn’t been able to welcome a new Phoenix member since October. I was on a roll.

In previous posts I’ve told you about my correspondence with other writers. Those who have been far more successful than me. I’ve learned far more through their willingness to share their wisdom than I could from reading the ‘How To’ books out there.

I had just posted a review on Amazon for an Australian thriller writer. I think that made sixteen (or eighteen) titles now from two different series. He emailed me to say he had spotted my name on a site he also uses and asked how my recent promotion fared. It had generated a moderate return on my outlay and I took the opportunity to outline my strategy in general in the hopes of some useful advice. He took the time to reply with a detailed version of his own approach and some pointers that might benefit me.

To give you an idea of the difference in scale between us; my annual marketing spend is around £2500. He spends $100 EVERY DAY on Facebook Ads, plus Amazon Headline and Sponsored Ads and giveaways through Booksweep/Book Funnel. My guess is he ploughs $50000 back into his business – and still comes up smiling!

I swallowed hard. I couldn’t compete with that. I thought, it’s time to find out whether my books can cut the mustard. For six years I’d envied the small percentage of writers accepted by BookBub who then reported eye-watering numbers of downloads via a Featured Deal.

I submitted #1 in the Phoenix Series on the 21st of February. It was a fishing expedition. I was confident the new covers would be a tick in the box. I thought the fact it was a completed series would be another positive. I hoped when they sent the rejection note they told me what needed to be done to fix the problems. If it was feasible within my budget I could regroup this summer and try again later in the year with a revised re-launch.

Five days later I received the ‘Congratulations – you have been accepted’ message. I was over the moon. Stunned, but over the moon. MONDAY, 18TH MARCH 2019 will be my first BookBub Featured Deal.

The rest of February was a blur I’m afraid. I wish I could tell you what I did to celebrate, but I spent the time in preparation for the big day. I added more reader magnets and standardised my Author Bio. I asked for advice on how to discount books #2 & #3 to encourage a fast follow-through in the weeks after Deal Day.

I revised all the short stories I had written and prepped them for new members. Since October, when the link broke between my website & Mailchimp there have been no new faces and the promise at the end of the updated books of ‘a free short story for every newbie’ has been redundant.

It’s early March now and the 18th seems a long way off.  Book #1 will be Free and offered to 2.7 million US Thriller readers. I want as many of those interested in the series to grab the early books and hope that encourages them to read all twelve books in time.

Everything’s changed since that acceptance email. I can concentrate solely on book #1 and run discounted periods of time on books #2 & #3 whenever I get a repeat deal. Instead of lots of small amounts across dozens of sites every two weeks, I may be able to run four or five big promotions through the year, supplemented by some of those ideas from the land Down Under – Headline, Sponsored, Facebook Ads.

I’ll update you in early April on what happens on the 18th March. There have been so many bumps in the road I won’t allow myself to believe that corner has actually been turned until I check the road is clear.

No matter what happens, that acceptance message was a welcome boost. The covers must be good. What’s between them must be better than I thought. Only 10 to 15% of books are accepted for those prized Featured Deals.

Someone once said ‘there’s no such thing as an overnight success – if it happens it usually means you’ve been doing lots of small things better every day for a long time and not giving up’. 

That was the plan. If it doesn’t turn out to be a giant leap, it will still be another small thing done better and I have another reason NOT to give up.



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