The first line is the only acknowledgement I put in each of my books. A trawl around the others who have warranted a mention to record my thanks in print is long overdue.

To Lynne, my wife, none of this would have been possible without her love and support.

Our children, Stephen, Kim and Louise, for becoming the people we hoped they would be. We’re both immensely proud of you.

My parents, Albert Victor Nelson Tayler and Edith Tayler (nee Harmsworth), for the happy home they gave my younger brother Bob and me. My mother’s love of music sparked the interest in my first passion, and her love of words encouraged me to read anything and everything. It was years after they both died when the writing started. I never got the chance to show either of them what they helped me achieve.

For the past five years, every active member of The Like Club has been my collective rock. Always available with encouragement and advice gathered from your writing careers. I wish you every success going forward. I’ll be around to plug your titles for a while yet.

Eternal thanks to every blogger/reviewer who has read my books and posted a review.

A lady who has been with me every step of the way since my first novel is Lucinda K. Campbell. I self-published my first two novels on Smashwords and saw a list of 10 book formatters they recommended. Her name sprang off the page. Heartfelt thanks for all the sterling effort you have put in, Lucinda. I loved the Evergreen Series and was honoured to read and review it.

I also enjoyed working with Melissa Alvarez of, who designed covers for my first three works of fiction. The switch to The Cover Collection was a game-changer. Debbie Tisdale, you are a genius.

A massive thanks to my readers. I wish I could list every single one of you. I’ve got the space, but I don’t know your names.

Last but not least, thank you to the select band of Phoenix Fiends, who have taken the trouble to add their names to my mailing list. I hope we’ll stay in touch through the newsletters for as long as you want to hear from me. We might get more fans to join. Who knows?


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