Which box did I tick?

I’ve often marveled at authors whose profile highlights the fact they’re #1 Best Selling Authors.

When I’ve dug deeper some have achieved that across the board on several occasions, but many have probably only hit that prized #1 spot in a single category. Yesterday I ran a Freebooksy promotion on The Olympus Project. The return was as good as could be expected with a thousand plus copies downloaded.

All the work I did last autumn is starting to bear fruit. The great new covers by The Cover Collection are a significant factor. The refreshed blurbs have an input, plus the increase in keywords on KDP that open fresh categories where my books can feature.

Yesterday evening for the first time in the six and a half years I’ve been writing fiction I hit the #1 spot. I took a screenshot for posterity. It might be my only highlight. (OK, I took the screenshot to be able to back up my revised profile details that might casually mention I’m a #1 Best Selling Author) If anyone doubts the veracity of that claim, you can tell them you’ve seen the evidence. If you love thrillers with assassinations, conspiracies and terrorism I’m your man. 







Another Olympus Project promotion follows two weeks from yesterday. Who knows what the future will bring? Further collaborations inspired by my Instagram posts? More bumps in the road from problems yet to reveal themselves? Whatever it is will be eventful I’m sure.

Why not return in early March for a catch-up? You’ll be most welcome.







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