‘Strange Beginnings’ #13 in the Freeman Files Series goes ‘live’ on 15th May.  

#14 “Dead Reckoning’ is in the planning stages. Patience is a virtue.

As restrictions lift from next Monday in the UK (17th May), I might travel further than my study on occasion over the coming weeks. A trip to hug my children and grandchildren is in order.

My wife and I have had our second jabs and visited the hairdresser, so despite cancelling our holiday to Ibiza for the second year running, we’re feeling positive about the summer.

Not everyone is as fortunate as us, so our thoughts are with those Phoenix Club members still coping with the threat of this stubborn virus. Our message still holds true – stay safe, stay strong, together we are stronger.

What else have I been doing since my last Newsletter? I joined Book Sweep and Book Funnel and perhaps now I’ve finished writing the latest book, I’ll work out how to use them to spread the word. Standing still isn’t an option.

The BookBub Featured Deal for the Freeman Files Box Set #1-3 on April 9th was another unqualified success. Review numbers are close to 1300 now – up 250 in a month, and sales of books in the series continue to give me a reason to carry on beyond #16.

When can you expect to read ‘Dead Reckoning’? My wife’s birthday is in the third week in July. The decks will have to be clear by then!

I’ll be back with an update on my progress towards the middle of June.

Take care. Keep reading.

Best wishes

Ted Tayler


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