‘Buried Secrets’ #11 in the Freeman Files Series went ‘LIVE’ this morning.Let me explain – I started writing ‘A Genuine Mistake’ on the 18th of January as planned. When I was twenty thousand words in, I realised that I’d grabbed the notes for the murder mystery that I had scheduled for #12 in the series. I blame lockdown, plus the excitement of my first jab on the 30th.

I couldn’t face starting again, so I contacted The Cover Collection and asked for minor adjustments to the two covers involved. Once that was sorted, I started to write again. I published Book #10 on the 7th of January, so to get the next case done and dusted by the 16th of February was satisfying. Please don’t assume this sets a precedent!

It reminded me of a story from my early days as a Cost Accountant in the mid-Sixties. People from the Technical Department would drop Estimate Requests on my boss’s desk. I was keen to prove that I could provide an accurate costing with my newly acquired skills and got stuck in as soon as they left the office. When it was complete and my boss had nodded his approval, I suggested I drop in into the Technical Department. No, he said, stick it in the drawer for a couple of days. We don’t want people to think they can expect that sort of turnaround every time they want a job costed. There will be days when we’re rushed off our feet. I find it best to tell them it will be four or five days, then when you get it back to them in three now and again, they think you’ve done them a big favour!

I’ll double-check my notes before I start ‘A Genuine Mistake’ in a week or so; I need to re-charge my batteries first. 

So, I estimate that Book #12 should be ready by the end of March.

Of course, I’ve been wrong before…

I’ll be back with an update in March.

Take care, stay safe.

Best wishes

Ted Tayler


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