‘A Normal November’ #15 in the Freeman Files Series is well under way. With a following wind it will be published by the end of the month as planned.

I told you last time I was taking several days off. Fourteen titles in two years had started to take its toll. Nevertheless, I managed to publish a Box Set for Books #10 to #12 in the Freeman Files Series, and of course I came to a decision about what lay ahead. Many thanks to those of you who got in touch with suggestions and the encouragement to continue.

Your wish is my command, and the cold cases for Books #17 to #24 have been researched, the titles agreed, and front covers purchased. The plan is to write four books a year in 2022 and 2023. There may well need to be changes in personnel to keep things fresh, but rest assured the overall tone of the stories will remain the same.


You can view the new front covers in the Gallery on my website here

I expect you’re wondering how much time I spent relaxing. I can assure you I did spend time watching the Olympics, meeting family and friends, and enjoying the infrequent hours of sunshine this summer has produced so far. However, time marches on, so I used free time to overhaul the website yet again. The Book theme I use worked like a dream when I had a handful of titles, but with a minimum of eight more books to come it felt the right time to switch from one Page per book and match the 3 book Box Set model. I think it makes everything more accessible, no matter which series you’re reading, or how far you’ve got.

I’d love to think that’s it for the additions and amendments to things that are peripheral to the actual writing, but experience tells me that change is continuous. Standing still is not an option. 

I’ll be back with an update in the second week of September.

Take care. Keep reading.

Best wishes

Ted Tayler

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