Heraclitus was on the money back in 540 BC – change is the only constant. 

Last month I was telling you about the hours I’d spent checking Keywords and Browsing Catefories, to see they were fit-for-purpose, plus I had reviewed my Pricing Structure. My efforts were almost sabotaged by computer demons, but I’m happy to report those troubles are behind me now.

Let’s get the upcoming list of promotions and offers out of the way.

SAT 7th OCT – (my 78th birthday) – The Freeman Files Series Box Set – Books 1-3 is FREE on Amazon

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SUN 8th – sees the start of an eventful week – The Phoenix Series Box Set – Books 1-3 AND 4-6 will be FREE on Amazon. This is to support the BookBub Featured Deal for The Phoenix Series Box Set – Books 7-9 that runs from SUNDAY to WEDNESDAY (8th to 12th.) Meanwhile, the Box Set for Books 10-12 will be on sale at $3.99 in the US store. 

The offers keep coming – The Freeman Files Box Set – Books 7-9 is FREE on Amazon on SAT 21st OCT – This is the first time this title has been discounted, so I’m hoping many of you will benefit. 

November will be upon us before the next post, so you need to hear that The Olympus Project will be FREE on Amazon on SATURDAY the 4th. This is part of a week long Silver Dagger Tour for The Phoenix Series.

My second Subscriber Surge Giveaway, for Fatal Decision in the Mystery genre, gets underway on the 1st of NOVEMBER. The Olympic Project SSG is currently in full swing – as you can tell from the post that precedes this.

I had two regular items on my checklist to tackle since my last post, and I updated my A+ Content inside a day, yet Amazon say they need SEVEN days before I see those changes on my Product Page. Why? When I did my last updates, a month ago, the confirmation emails were with me almost immediately. Now, I have to wait around until I can update UK/CA/AU stores. I guess that’s progress?

For my second housekeeping task, I analysed my Also Boughts for both series yesterday afternoon. The familiar faces were still there, but with more Action & Adventure influence on my Phoenix comparable authors, I’m meeting a few new writers whose books I need to seek out.

What else have I been doing? I ran a Meta Ad Campaign over the second half of September for The Phoenix. I THINK the results were the best I’ve had so far, but I need an expert eye to confirm my theory. The basics couldn’t have been too bad, because Meta suggested I scaled up my campaign after the first week, but I’d committed the maximum amount per day I could afford already!

7837 Impressions @ £9.11 per 1000 – 266 Clicks @ £0.27 – the click through rate was 3.39% – the learning curve cost me just under £75.

What about the demographics? 85% of people reached were 55 and over; 65% were men/ 35% women; with zero difference in the cost per click.

When I think how many times I’d tried to run BookBub Ads, and either couldn’t spend a cent, or had CTRs of 0.25%, this feels like a WIN. But, how do I know for sure?  

Back next month with more news

Best wishes

Ted Tayler






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