In early 1972 my wife and I were living in a first-floor flat. One Friday night, with the rain bouncing off the pavements, our bell rang. I ran downstairs to answer the front door, and came face-to-face with a cold-calling insurance man. He was keen to start his spiel, and I sensed he hoped to get in out of the rain. I asked him – “Did I ask you to come here?”

He complained about the weather, and how he’d driven six miles to reach us, but failed to answer my question. When he became rude, I closed the front door and went upstairs to rejoin my wife. He was gone by morning.

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Since the beginning of 2022, I’ve received emails from people who profess to be SEO experts. I’ve purchased a plug-in that satisfies my requirements, but these cold-callers keep coming. After the first fifty I noticed a common theme. A theme that’s been repeated in the next two hundred.

I was checking your website and see you have a good design and it looks great, but it’s not ranking on Google and other major search engines. Do you want more targeted visitors on your website? We can place your website on Google 1st Page, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram etc. If interested, may I send you a quote/package/proposal?

Who are they? There’s never a company name, and the individual isn’t easily searchable on Google. The email address is always nondescript and suspicious. I block the sender, and then later I get the follow-ups.

Did you get a chance to…

I’ve written several times without reply….

I report them for phishing. But they’re still coming with different joke email addresses and everyone has the same highlighted passages showing the benefits I’ll gain from replying to their scam.

For 2022 read 1972 : – Did I ask you to write to me?

Happy Christmas and a cold-call free New Year

Ted Tayler




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