Frequent visitors to this blog will know that ‘The Olympus Project’ was the first in a series featuring ‘The Phoenix’ aka Colin Bailey, the main male protagonist from my first two novels.

The second book in the series is ‘Gold, Silver and Bombs’ and ‘The Phoenix’ is once again busy righting wrongs and making sure the ‘bad guys’ don’t escape justice.

If you study the time-line of my first three thrillers, you will see that Colin Bailey grew up in the 1970s, was forced to marry young and buried his beloved daughter in 2001. After ten years, he returned from West Africa to complete some ‘Unfinished Business’. That story ended a few months later with Colin fighting for his life in the River Avon under Bath’s Pulteney Weir.

All the action in ‘The Olympus Project’ took place in a relatively short space of time too and with the London Olympics in 2012 as the main focus for ‘Gold, Silver, and Bombs’ then the story line picks up immediately from where we left it.

However, it would not suit ‘The Phoenix’ to concentrate on the terrorist threat to the Olympics alone; he has other deserving cases to satisfy as well! So you can be happy in the knowledge that the thrills come thick and fast!


‘Gold, Silver, and Bombs’ is better written, better packaged, and better promoted than any of my previous efforts. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it; just read it and tell me if you agree. Check out some of the early reviews:-

‘Another fast-paced, riveting Tayler novel with a descriptive and unforgettable cast’

‘Tayler is clever at creating atmospheric settings, clever twists mixed with reality to make his books plausible and entertaining’

‘spinning a tale of fear and violence that could have come from world headlines.’

‘Leaving the reader hungry for more adventure, Tayler has woven a tale that will keep you racing to learn the outcome.’

‘A compelling, intense page-turning all night read’

‘It’s a surprisingly fast read and several notches above other books in its genre’

‘Using brilliant details and plans Tayler creates missions that are both exciting and believable.’

‘It wouldn’t surprise me if this book found itself in the forefront of a long standing film series with people clambering for a front seat!’

As usual I have a Video Book Trailer to go with the book and you can view it here

Authors always appreciate some feedback, so tell me what you think of the book and the video. Keep an eye out for more posts, some will be about ‘Gold, Silver, and Bombs’, some about new titles, every now and then I hope to be joined by friends who will feature in a guest post.

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