When I finished the final book in The Freeman Files Series in April, I’d been working non-stop for four years, and I was shattered. I intended just taking the summer off from writing and returning with a short new series before the end of the year. I felt I deserved a few happy days with my feet up.

I’ve spent much of my free time over the past six months trying to get better at advertising with BookBub, Amazon, and Meta. As time has passed, I became more disillusioned. It was essential my backlist was energised to fill the gap left by me not producing a new title every eight to ten weeks.

I shall be eternally grateful to BookBub for giving me a Featured Deal at the first time of asking in Feb 2019. Any success I’ve had has been because of the opportunity to benefit from a further eleven deals with them in the last four years. However, a substantial readthrough on the Phoenix and Freeman Series is elusive. (8-10% is a benchmark for the successful writer, and I’m well short) 

I don’t have the resources to afford a media management company to unlock the potential of my backlist, and I can’t raise any enthusiasm for writing another series. I’ve got a one-off crime novel in the pipeline, featuring DCI Grace Packenham, but when she will appear on Amazon, I don’t know.

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I’m enjoying new experiences with Silver Dagger Book Tours and Subscriber Surge Giveaways with BargainBooksy.  

The Olympus Project will be featured from Nov 4th on a week’s tour around a host of blog sites; Fatal Decision started its SSG on Nov 1st and that runs until Dec 31st.  The Olympus Project is halfway through its own SSG, and over 100 new names have been added to my mailing list so far.

Thriller eBook and Kindle Giveaway – October 1st, 2023

Mystery eBook Giveaway – November 1st, 2023

HAPPY DAYS.  There are always positives if you dig deep enough.

My promotions in October went WAY better than expected, and there are SEVEN more dates in the schedule when my books will be FREE or discounted between now and Dec 31st. New readers may emerge, and existing readers could decide to get further into one of my series. There’s always tomorrow.

As for 2024, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll still be seeking Featured Deals, and looking to increase readthrough on my 50 book backlist. It’s odds-on I’ll add to that number eventually. If you want to hear when that is, just sign up for the Newsletter in the sidebar, or watch this space.

I’ll be back in December

Best wishes

Ted Tayler








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