I am sure you remember my ‘Welcome’ message when you visited this site.

“Are you searching for real characters; realistic story lines?”

I do not have an agenda, political or moral. I write to entertain; however, I soon realised in December 2012 when I first started writing fiction that there were thousands of real life stories available to me that could be fertile ground for my plot lines.

In ‘The Final Straw’ Colin Bailey was a damaged individual who had already started to right the wrongs done against him by his parents when he met Neil Cartwright. Colin was naïve and a loner; he never suspected that Cartwright would tear the only person he truly loved away from him.

Cartwright was a sexual predator who groomed and abused young teenage girls and sold the photos and films of his attacks to a paedophile ring. He raped and murdered Colin Bailey’s daughter and received a laughably short sentence in prison. This ‘Final Straw’ opened the floodgates and Bailey took his revenge on the drug dealers and thugs that had terrorised his local town for over a decade.

In ‘Unfinished Business’ a gang responsible for flooding a major city with drugs was apprehended; huge amounts of cash, heroin & cocaine were seized. After two days in court, the judge had to throw the case out because the prosecution had failed to disclose a piece of evidence to the defence. Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money were wasted and the judge accused the police and CPS of gross incompetence.

I also included a case of domestic slavery and one of girls from around the world being trafficked from one end of the UK to another to work in the sex trade.

The whole premise behind ‘The Olympus Project’ my latest book is the notion of a group of wealthy people taking the law into their own hands, because of society’s failure to punish criminals appropriately. The Phoenix is one of their agents; he is tasked with tracking down and eliminating those that have slipped through the net.

None of these plot lines was imaginary; they were widely reported real events. Only recently, Oxford joined Rotherham as a large town/city where the sexual exploitation of young girls has been commonplace.


March 6th 2015 – today, I opened my newspaper and read the following article:-

“Tens of thousands of serious criminals are being let off with just a slap on the wrist because of lazy police officers, a report claims.”

“Almost one third of crimes is ‘inappropriately’ punished with a police caution or penalty notice, including some that carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, such as rape.”

“Some 86,000 offences that could have gone before a Crown Court were dealt with out of court in the year to June 2014.”

“The Home Affairs Select Committee points to an ‘alarming’ rise of the caution culture – which has damaged public confidence in the justice system.”

“Despite ministers insisting cautions are ‘inappropriate’ for serious offences, almost 15000 sexual and violent offenders received one in the past four years.”

“The committee chairman said: The public deserve to feel reassured that their local police forces are not tackling serious crimes with a slap on the wrist.”

Sadly, there are likely to be many more disclosures to come and we can only hope that reports such as this galvanise the Government, Police, Justice System and other related authorities into genuinely effective action.

With further massive budget cuts looming, I fear our hopes may be misplaced.

I stress once more, that my books do not ‘point the finger’ in order to make a political or moral statement; however, as a human being I want to see the suffering caused by these criminals stopped; by the law, not by a vigilante killer like Bailey.

As a realist with a dash of cynicism gained over many years, I fear that I will still have a fertile field of media reports from which to continue my stories of Colin Bailey (as The Phoenix) and his quest for justice.

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