Front Cover: Night Train

‘Night Train’ #9 in the Freeman Files is available NOW on Amazon. If anyone wants a free copy in return for an honest review, then let me know.

Ivan Kendall died in a station toilet eighty miles from home in March 2014.

Why did the quiet family man travel to Westbury from South Wales so late at night?

The Crime Review Team tackle two cold cases in this intriguing ninth title in the series.

As the team close in on Grant Burnside’s assassin, an old adversary stands in their way. In lighter moments, Suzie Ferris moves in with Gus, and Lydia Logan Barre finds her father.

 ‘All Things Bright’ #10 is in the research phase, and I hope to announce its arrival in the first newsletter of 2021.

 For many of you, Gus Freeman was the character that encouraged you to join our happy band. Some of you have been with me from the start, and therefore The Phoenix Series was the trigger. Several readers had asked for a ‘crossover’ storyline. In ‘Creature Discomforts’ Gus investigated the death of Grant Burnside, and although the team solved several other cases, they never resolved the shooting of the gang overlord.

I included references to the case in ‘Silent Terror’, and while I was writing that book, kept wondering how to bring the story thread to a satisfactory conclusion. In ‘Night Train’ I’ve attempted to defer the matter until Gus Freeman’s last case (whenever that may be!).

A few of you might dip into the Phoenix archives, but it’s not for me to steer you in that direction. Six years have passed since I wrote the first book in that series and the world has changed in so many areas.

So, it’s onwards and upwards with Gus Freeman throughout 2021.

How about a Q&A session for some light relief?

Q. Is there a message in your novels you want readers to grasp?

I used to answer, ‘Not really’. I don’t have an agenda. I want to tell a story people can believe and enjoy. However, as the books mount up, I must admit I’m poking fun at the PC brigade, lamenting the lack of a real sense of justice, and despair that we’re losing the war against crime. I don’t run out of topics to feature in each new title, so the next seven books in the series in 2021 will be a breeze to write.

I don’t need a fertile imagination. I just read the news.


I’ll be back with an update in December.

Take care, stay safe and best wishes. 

Ted Tayler

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