If you dig back far enough in my literary output you’ll uncover a book of memories that started this whole writing craze. We never made it big in the music world and would have given anything for a Christmas Number One in the UK.

Everything comes to he who waits. I secured my second BookBub Featured Deal for the 23rd/24th December and the Box Set of Books 1-3 in The Phoenix Series held the #1 spot in Free Kindles across the whole Amazon store (plus half a dozen genres within the Thrillers category). In the US store it peaked at #3, but I’m not complaining!

Phoenix Box Set #1

 The increased exposure something like that offers is immeasurable. Safe to say, my decision to launch the new Freeman Files Series in mid-December didn’t backfire. Sales are steady on #1 ‘Fatal Decision’ and #2 ‘Last Orders’ will be published in two weeks. 

Every author is desperate for reviews, especially with the launch of a brand-new series. I’m hopeful for positive feedback from ten people who have yet to post their reviews. 

This is 2020 – the start of a new decade – what can I promise you? 

I’ll do my utmost to keep writing books you enjoy. In June 2018 I thought I was done with writing. Six months later things started to improve. In March, that first BookBub Deal was a game-changer. In June 2019 my wife urged me to start writing another series. On Christmas Eve Eve(!) that first series received another shot in the arm.

There’s life in The Phoenix Series yet.

Gus Freeman is starting to make an impact.

Retirement is not an option.

Many thanks for sharing this journey with me.  

I’ll be back with another update in early February. 

Take care and best wishes. 

Ted Tayler

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