Over the past month, I have tried to force myself to write at least a thousand words a day so that I get this blessed novel finished! As I sit here today I’ve got 300 pages and 90000 words completed. I’ve just killed off my last character (for this book) and with a following wind I’ll have written the last word by the weekend.

The story is in three parts covering certain stages in the lives of the main characters. I need to revisit the first two parts and see if there’s some padding in them that could be removed, as I feel it’s a little too long. Someone told me 280 pages and around 90000 words was an optimum length for a novel.

Obviously no-one told Leo Tolstoy, but then he was a much better writer than I am!

I’m still beavering away on Twitter trying to increase those followers so that when the book is published on-line I have 100000 potential customers I can badger morning, noon and night to download ‘The Final Straw.’ A tale of murder, sex, music and comedy & even some comedy sex!

Yes, as you can see I’ve tried to cover all the bases. Apart from aliens or the supernatural, then pretty much everything else is in there!

What else has happened? The group’s resurrection seems to have fallen after the first fence. The reunion gig went great; the meeting for a Christmas meal showed promise that we would play again, but two months of 2013 have passed and neither of the other members have any free time to get together for rehearsals. The odds against us performing this year are going out all the time.

Thank you for sparing the time to read my ramblings. I look forward to bringing some more news in about a month.

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