These early reviews of my first novel suggest it had more legs than I gave it credit. With the benefit of hindsight, I can see that I could have spent longer promoting it, rather than pressing on with the sequel – and the thirty-odd titles that have followed. (July 2021)

“A journey of regret, revenge, and a litany of deep longing for a life that had been denied. Although Tayler writes his prose with a conversational knowing wink, and scenes play out as if one’s watching a high end drama, there is a constant inner pain that threads through, giving a touching, engrossing realism, which in less experienced hands, would have descended into predictable cliché. This is storytelling at its finest.”

“As a writer, Ted Tayler’s style captures you, and although rooting for the killer isn’t the usual stance to take, Bailey is the perfect antihero, and you want him to get away with those murders, you want him to avenge for the life that was taken from him in so many ways. The Final Straw is an absorbing read, pulsing with an undercurrent of righteousness, and as a reader, you will be hooked, so much so you’ll be devouring the sequel Unfinished Business before you even recognise it. That’s the power of Bailey’s invisibility!”

“Each scene flowed to the next scene in a cohesive manner and it was easy to understand time passing and the movement of the characters. Every page sucked me into the story more and more, and I always felt like I could follow everything that was happening in the book and I could easily feel the emotions of the characters.”

“The Final Straw pulled me In and was great from the beginning. Despite Colin’s actions, I believe that this book touches real-life issues of loss, dying and a sense of purpose. The story is original, the characters unique and the writing is absolutely moving. Colin’s family is dysfunctional and just when he thinks he finally has created a safe zone for himself and his family, everything comes crashing down.”

“The author’s execution was flawless simply because you never knew what was going to happen in the next page. Colin Bailey is a character with many different layers, and the author assures readers that in every chapter, at least one layer is peeled off. This is a thrilling tour de force of a novel from beginning to end, which will have you devouring the final chapters one after the other to find out if DI Phil Hounsell finally gets his man. Fans of crime thrillers need look no further.”

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