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Gus Freeman is a retired DI whose old boss wants him to head up a Crime Review Team investigating cold cases. Gus can’t resist the chance to enter the fray for one last hurrah.

The Freeman Files


Fatal Decision

Case File #1- Date: June 2008 – Victim: 68-year-old widow, Daphne Tolliver murdered while walking her dog in woodland close to her home.  

Last Orders

Case File #2 – Date: October 2003 – Victim: Trudi Villiers, 26-year old barmaid, murdered as she walked home from the Ring O’Bells pub.

Pressure Point

Case File #3 – Date: June 2011 – Victim: Laura Mallinder, 27-year old masseuse,  discovered at ‘Gentle Touch’ by parlour owner, Maggie Monk. The team face a locked room mystery.

Deadly Formula

Case File #4 – Date: January 2004 – Victim: Dr Ian McGuire, research scientist shot dead in his kitchen. 

Final Deal

Case File #5 – Date: August 2010 – Victim: Dennis Gates, a 49-year old car dealer died on the steps of his showroom. Gus and the team have a complex mystery to unravel.

Barking Mad

Case File #6 – Date: May 2015 – Victim: Mark Malone, a Bath pet shop owner died after a high-speed pursuit. Was it road rage, a case of mistaken identity, or a motive nobody could have predicted?

Creature Discomforts

Case File #7 – Date: May 2014 – Victim: The 65-year old patriarch of a criminal gang was shot by a sniper. As the team search for the red-haired assassin, they uncover the answers to several unrelated crimes.

Silent Terror

Case File #8 – Date: January 2013 – Victim: Ursula Wakeley, a 78-year old retired librarian was murdered at a remote bungalow. Was it a robbery, or was a more sinister motive behind the attack?

Night Train

Case File #9 – Date: March 2014 – Victim: Ivan Kendall died in a station toilet eighty miles from home. Why did the quiet family man travel to Westbury from South Wales so late at night?

All Things Bright

Case File #10 – Date: February 2015 – Victim: Stacey Read was thirteen and a half when she disappeared. Police found Stacey’s body in the canal ten days later. 

Buried Secrets

Case File #11 – Date: May 2008 – Victim: Alan Duncan met Maddy Mills at a party. They fell in love and moved in together. What led to Alan’s murder as he went on his weekly run, four years later?

A Genuine Mistake

Case File #12 – Date: May 2012 – Victim: Gerry Hogan was an honest, hard-working family man with no enemies. Yet someone shot him dead on his doorstep. 

Strange Beginnings

Case File #13 – Date: March 2011 – Victim: Marion Reeves died in a frenzied attack. Her past holds the answer, but Gus Freeman faces a group of wealthy people desperate to hide the truth.

Dead Reckoning

Case File #14 – Date: March 2015 – Victim: Kendal Guthrie argued with five people in a country pub the night he died. How did the killer reach Guthrie’s farm ahead of him? It seemed impossible. Salisbury Plain is a dangerous place after dark.

A Normal November

Case File #15 – Date: November 2016 – Victim: Garage owner Richard Chaloner worked late. His two employees found his body in the workshop the following morning. Their boss had been shot, and cash and jewellery stolen.

Into The Sunlight

Case File #16 – Date: July 2014 – Victim: Danute Zukas, 23yo nightclub worker. Danute had been missing for almost two years when her body was found beaten & burned on farmland near Bath.

Tame The Storm

Case File #17 – Date: December 2015 – Victim: Clive Palmer, 48yo ex-teacher, was murdered ten months after moving to a quiet country village. Police believed his past had caught up with him, but was it that straightforward?

One True Friend

Case File #18 – Date: June 2008    Victim: Katherine Alford, mother of two. was found dead in her car at a local beauty spot. She had received an urgent phone call late in the evening, and asked a neighbour to babysit for ten minutes. She never returned.

Whispered Truths

Case File #19 – Date: May 2005      Victim: Mark Fennell was shot dead in a quiet country village. Helen Roker, his partner, was found dead in her bath nine months later. Was it suicide, or murder?

A Morning Murder

Case File #20 – Date: Jan 2015 Victim: Tammie Kenyon, 15yo schoolgirl was strangled on her way to school. Date: May 2016 Victim: Imogen Henderson, 17yo schoolgirl was strangled while on her regular Sunday morning run. Detectives couldn’t determine a motive for the attacks, and never identified a single suspect. A tangled web for Gus and the team to unravel, and a shocking conclusion to an unputdownable mystery.

Quick To Anger

Case File #21 – Date: Aug 2013 – Victim: Millie Clark, a 22yo single mother found beaten & stabbed in a churchyard. Five men were arrested, After a trial, and a retrial, nobody was found guilty of Millie’s murder. Five years later, Gus Freeman gets the case file. Who killed Millie, and why?

Red Herring Season

Case File #22A – The Elusive Scoop – Sid Selman, a retired journalist, exposes corruption in the county police force.  Sometimes red herrings can cause you to look in the wrong direction. 

Case File #22B – The Late-Night Takeaway – Matt Archer had a part-time job delivering takeaways for the Jade Garden restaurant. In February 2009 Matt was lured to Blades Farm and someone bludgeoned him to death. Who wanted Matt dead, and why?

Gathering Clouds 

Case file #23 – John Crees and Mandy Howard met, fell in love, and wanted to live a quiet life in Salisbury. Why did these two popular bikers die in such a violent manner? John’s boss found them battered to death in their bed in October 2012. Gus Freeman tackles this baffling mystery without the support of several of his team. Gathering clouds suggest his run of cold case successes has angered those involved in the original investigations.

Still Standing 

Case file #24 – DS Mercer stumbles on a series of murders committed along the M4 corridor since 1998. He asks Gus to help investigate the murders in secret, because DS Mercer suspects the killer is a police officer. Life in the village continues with Christmas around the corner. What dangers lie ahead in the New Year? As the final curtain falls on the series, will there be one cruel twist to endure?

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