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This is the first book in a brand new series featuring ‘The Phoenix’ and is ON SALE on Amazon. I know it’s the best book I’ve written so far and I have high hopes that as the series progresses Colin Bailey will become a much more widely known character. I hope you will agree with me when you read the book.

After I had completed ‘Unfinished Business’ last March, I took a few weeks away from writing as I needed time to reflect. Perhaps it was because for a little while I felt as if I was drifting aimlessly without that daily target of fifteen hundred words to get done. Also an old friend from my days in the band had died suddenly in February and it made me sit down and think about my priorities.

Of course, there was the self doubt as well; was it worth bothering to write any more? I guess a lot of authors get that feeling. Even those who are selling far more books than I do! In the end I resolved to keep putting stories out there for people to read for as long as I’m able. My love of writing outweighed the bits of the process I don’t like – chasing reviews, promoting etc.

‘The Olympus Project’ is about a man headhunted by a secret organisation based on the outskirts of Bath; the five shadowy figures who head this group are introduced to us in detail in this first book. Their anonymity is protected by the code names they have adopted from Greek myth.

The group sends its agents across the world removing anyone who poses a threat to political or economic stability and taking ‘direct action’ against criminals who have somehow evaded justice and thereby ensuring they receive the punishment they deserve.

This fast paced thriller follows ‘The Phoenix’ as he works alone hunting down his prey in the style that brought him to the group’s attention in the first place; and also facing his greatest challenge so far, learning to work together with his new colleagues as part of a team.


Towards the end of 2014 was when I couldn’t fathom why my early books received good reviews but didn’t sell. I didn’t understand marketing and book promotion at all back then. I’ve learned a little since those days, and wanted to remind myself of a review  ‘Unfinished Business’ gathered between its publication and that of the first Phoenix book.  


“Unfinished Business is a superb sequel to The Final Straw. Anti-hero Colin Bailey initiates his meticulous maelstrom of revenge and righteousness upon the uncaring, and moreover, unsuspecting world. Bailey is a metaphysical representation of our darkest moments; the moments when we desire retribution for wrongs that are done to us, but unlike Bailey we do not have the ‘special skill set’ to deploy such reprisals. By tapping into this almost primal urge: to eradicate the evil that exists among us, Mr Tayler has embedded subconsciously a connection that makes this book so engrossing. It is why we root for the anti-hero, and why we don’t want to see Bailey captured.
Throughout the book there is a position advanced that the law – in its many forms – is an ineffectual and lumbering beast weighed down by the bulk of its own bureaucracy, and those that try to enforce it are stifled to act & become disenchanted and cynical to the effectiveness of it all. Bailey uses this weakness against them, and also applies this belief to vindicate his executions. He believes, somewhat in error, that the police have not the capability to think like him, and it is this presumption that leads to a hair- raising chase and a terrifying denouement for all players.”



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